Origami Lab / Tachi Lab

Tachi Lab


The University of Tokyo 東京大学

Department of General Systems Studies
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

大学院総合文化研究科 広域システム科学系

Department of Architecture
Graduate School of Engineering

大学院工学系研究科 建築学専攻

Software Tools

We develop software tools for desigining origami and constrained form. The tools are freely available on the web.


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Visiting Students

Visiting Scholar

What we do

In our lab, we try to understand the relationship between spatial forms and function through geometric modeling and algorithms to create novel kinematic and functional systems. Two main themes are origami, the behaviors that accompany surface folding, and structural tessellation, the geometry of modular systems with consistent spatial connections. Potential outputs of structural origami and tessellations include deployable and repeatedly foldable temporary structures, functional and reprogrammable cellular materials, and control devices for light, heat, or sound. We are interested both in understanding and creating phenomena. Topics of research include the following.

See Research Projects for actual projects.


Information for students

Tachi lab belongs to two departments. So you can join the lab from either departments. Note that the admission processes are very different. PLEASE CONTACT Tachi beforehand if you intend to apply.


We do not accept research student (Kenkyusei) (exception: MEXT scholarship students)

International Groups

Structural Origami Gathering 2017 -

Origami Group in IASS

Bistable Hypar Analyeses

Hypar Fig

Collaboration with Ke Liu and Glaucio Paulino
Invariant and smooth limit of discrete geometry folded from bistable origami leading to multistable metasurfaces

Berkeley Tokyo Symposium on Nature and Art 2019, (January 26,27)

Forms in Nature and Art

New Origamizer

Origamizer Algorithm

Collaboration with Erik Demaine

Zipper Coupled Tube

Zipper Coupled Origami Tubes

Collaboration with Evgueni Filipov and Glaucio Paulino