Origami Group in WG15 SMG of IASS

Origami Group

Origami Group is a part of Structural Morphology Group ( SMG), WG 15 of International Association for Shells and Spatial Structures (IASS).

The research objective of the study group Origami is to bring new ideas, based on origami research, to the field of structural design and fabrication technologies. The goal of the study group goes well beyond the application of origami patterns in design. The aim is to innovate structures and fabrication technologies through the fundamental understanding of the dynamic and geometric characteristics of origami.

How to Join

You can either be or not be IASS members to join Origami Group. Please email to Tomohiro Tachi (tachi at idea.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp) if you are interested. Also, annoucements of up-coming events and discussions are done through the following group / mailing list, so please join in from the following link: Origami Morphology


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